Pod Racer

Become a V-Pilot on a Vortex-pod racer.
The Vortex-pod racer has been specifically developed for those that look on in envy at high-performance foiling sailing craft.

Do you watch these crafts travelling a high speeds and wish you could do the same

Until now, agility, fitness levels and balance have all been preventative factors to many of us, not to mention the time required to master sailing a modern foiler.

With the introduction of the McConaghy-built Vortex-pod racer, those factors are a thing of the past. With the Vortex Pod, high performance foiling has entered a new era and is now accessible to a much broader market.

Age or general fitness will no longer constrain speed or race outcome.
With the sailing of a Vortex Pod there is no hiking, sliding around on tramps or ducking under a booms etc. The only limit to performance is the skill of the V- Pilot flying her.